Using the same technological platform, the solution adjusts according to the company's needs at the moment, and can gradually evolve to more comprehensive programs.
Population profile assessment program
  • Punctual electronic questionnaire.

  • Reporting of indicators and metrics.

  • Suggestions for preventive actions.

Monitoring program
  • Managed technological infrastructure service.

  • Indicators and metrics panels (updated in real time).

  • Data intelligence.

  • Evolution / State changes.

  • Predictability (Mathematical model).

Management and decision support program
  • All the features of the risk monitoring program.

  • Medical team dedicated to the orientation, consultation and virtual checkup of employees (Telemedicine).

  • Data analysis, establishment of risk management processes and decision support.

The technological architecture developed by the partnership between Easy Way to Health and Citrine Consulting uses a robust technological architecture that guarantees the confidentiality and protection of personal data.
Information security services
  • Access control

  • Data transmitted with confidentiality and security provided by an encrypted channel between the web server and a browser (browser)

  • Adhering to the global standard in security technology - Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

  • It follows the recommendations of the data protection legislation, within the concept of “Security and privacy by design” (CRM, LGPD, GDPR, HIPA, PHI)

  • Firewall-protected application and infrastructure (protection against attacks and intrusion attempts)

Application and data services
  • Multi-language

  • Load balancing service (performance and scalability)

  • Business Intelligence

  • Dashboard

  • Database (Microsoft SQL Server)

  • Integration via APIs with Customer's platforms (for specific needs)

  • Flexibility to support companies with larger or smaller populations

  • Mathematical model (predictability algorithm)

  • Object-oriented database (complex data management)

Infrastructure Services
  • Google Cloud services

  • Managed technological infrastructure service

  • High availability and scalable server platform to meet increasing volumes of data processing

Doing nothing can have disastrous consequences for the company's business.

Safe return to work
It is a solution developed by the consulting company Citrine Consulting and the medical company EW2Health.